The Mighty Miss! that’s what people say. so i say it too.

sometimes I go on vaca to the mississippi. not the state. the river. I even swim in the river even though all the locals strongly advice against it. i didn’t die. see. i showed them. oh, and it was the main channel.

fun things to do if you do go to the mississippi river: eat chicken from the rotary club, look at the mississippi, make ipod mixes that invoke the spirit of the mississippi river- i suggest jenny lewis, oh & drink beers.

this is josh. it was his idea to go to the mississippi river. he has good ideas.


Indestructible Tour-St. Louis!

Ok, so we were really in St. Charles. I think it’s close to St. Louis. St. Charles has the most friendly RV roads ever. They are nice new road where no one is driving. & big empty parking lots for turning around once we’ve made a wrong turn. This happens every once in awhile. Eric got us the hook up in St. Charles. It was a hit! We visited 2 fire stations in the area. The first place let Eric go up 100 feet on the ladder where he dropped the flashlight to see if it would still work. yes, mostly it did still work. mostly.

Then we went to another location where a firefighter went through a firefighter obstacle course that was fogged! it was all halloween like. or if you were a firefighter at halloween you would say it’s just like the obstacle course. You get the idea.

We, with the RV, stayed in front Eric’s Aunt Linda’s house. It was lovely. We took showers there. I moved half of their furniture outside to take photos while they were at work. Thanks Aunt Linda & Uncle Chad. I don’t really think his name was chad. She was for sure linda though.

we sorta found this orange cone in Memphis and started putting it out by the bikes every time we parked. we would maybe even put it out if we were getting gas.  that cone cracked me up.

This is John Yi, a 10 year veteran of the Warrenton fire department and rescue crew. I liked him. I think we could be friends. Like if i was getting a donut & coffee in the morning & maybe he was doing the same thing…..we might sit and eat our donuts together kind of friends. 
They had a house they used for the smoke fog obstacle course. The photo on the right is the upstairs dining room. It’s kinda funny. 

see-check out the cone! i loved having people pose in front of the RV. I wish i would win one in a raffle. 
Eric went up 100 feet to throw the flashlight off! i was jealous.

gas station portrait. it’s beautiful.It’s nick at the gas station. I think it cost a lot of money to fill the RV. I was always busy buying watchamacallits & cool ranch chips.

This is a weird photo, where did that shovel even come from? i don’t ever remembering seeing that on this trip. weird. ox

Indestrutible Tour-Charlotte, NC

North Carolina! We made it! My friend Tina lives in Charlotte so it was nice to have a real bed & shower! we shot some really great things in charlotte also-good worky things. It was 100% all leads that Tina gave us. Tina is the best! I’m going to caption these photos, I’m starting to forget what is what & where these days. so much traveling! I asked Eric & Nick how long they keep this up and Eric said “indefinitely” I liked that answer. I could do this for awhile longer. In my perfect world I’d like to park the RV longer in one spot & get out the bikes more. We’re so go! go! go!

Waffle House in North Carolina. Leaving Greensboro to get to Charlotte we saw the waffle house. I was so excited! Since this waffle house i’ve seen like 59 more. i’m not as excited anymore.  but but but….they were nice to us. most people are. but we’re nice back. so there’s that.
This is Jamie! He is an electrician. I liked him. Easy to talk to, easy to hang out with. Like most of the people we’ve interviewed on this trip. Oh & the best thing about him is that he (for reals!) keeps on older rayovac flashlight in his front pocket all the time. he’s had it for 4 years now. He works out of his house & we went with him to a local barber shop to get photos of him doing some electrical work. 

Tina took us to the downtown Charlotte! Mostly we were excited to drink a beer but we first went to take photos of iconic-ness Charlotte for work. we’re hard workers. uh huh. We went to a sculpture garden by the art museum. It was really cool stuff. we took a group photo. I love a group pyramid. people should do this more often. The world should have more sculptures you can climb on. i hope it was ok we climbed on them. 
we look like this a lot. sometimes we might just run out of things to say to each other. 
This is Chris from Sign World. Chris is the middle of making a Coca Cola billboard. It’s huge! & it’s 3D-ish made of tin or something. he has a giant press like tool that doesn’t even need electrical cords. that’s a real tool! He is one of two people that work in the production part of Sign World. It was nice….he had some music going & a garage door open off to the side….fresh air & working with his hands. seems like a good gig. Right across the street from Sign World was a boat sales & repair place.  So we strolled on over to see if they would be interested in trying out or flashlights and putting them to the test. We talked to a repair guy for a few minutes and took some photos of an engine he was working on. He’s cute with a nice smile. Oh, & this is a rare boat. There are only some left. Whatever the some number is….I guess it’s not very many. you know I think 5 is not very many but i’m sure it’s more like 5,000. I wish i had stars on my car. oh, 

Indestructible Tour-Richmond, VA

Pittsburg was a bit of a bust for finding people to talk to for the Rayovac project so we did a quick stop in Richmond, VA! Nick got some leads! It does seem like you need an in to get people to talk to you….hey, does anyone have any friends in Memphis that would be good for this project??? We drove into Richmond and hung out with Carter right away. He has the cutest house in a hip part of town. Richmond feels good, I might go back. Then we went & met some hard work’n boys who do water &  fire damage  restoration work. They were great! Enthusiastic and fun! The best part was that they wore these alien-like white suits. & the coordinated their look with a pop of pink! it’s a dream come true really. I think we were in Richmond for like 4 1/2 hours. oh, & i fell again in Richmond! Now my already bruised knee is bloody. Gross. I don’t think i wrote about the first fall. i was a little embarressed. I feel down a half a flight of stairs. i’m a mess sometimes. it hurt.

So Richmond was a hit! GOOOOOO RICHMOND. That’s my richmond, va cheer.

nick doesn’t sleep much. this is where nick is when i go to bed & wake up. I think he takes a nap sometime during the night.we ran out of water. i bartered some rv water for batteries. everybody wins.

This is Carter. He is a woodworker & music man. I think in Richmond he is famous.

downtown Richmond! ok, i don’t really know if it’s downtown. a cute neighborhood in Richmond!Eric went into the crawl space with with the workers. He saw spiders.
we stopped in west virgina to take photos. we maybe got yelled at for being close to someones property. i wasn’t quick enough to get that photo.
RV camp ground! They have all the fancy amenities that the truck stops don’t have. like water and a sewage drain. oh, & the fancy rayovac flashlight is lighting this! Did you know there is a RV culture out there. i might get into it. 

Indestructible Tour-Philadelphia!

I think i can finally write Indestructible without spell checking it. Day 5. Right now we’re headed to Greensborough, North Carolina. But i’m still a day behind in Pittsburgh. So Pittsburgh was great. We went out of the town one night & had the greatest time. The people were nice to us! We were at this bar sitting in a booth and kinda looking at each other and I think Nick was like, “we’re not gonna meet anyone sitting in this booth.” yeah, ok, nick. I agree. By the end of night I had traded some face masks with some girls and was playing some cards with them! I heart Pittsburgh.

We spent some time in Braddock, Pennsylvania. There is a famous John Fetterman who is revitalizing the town. It’s looking good, a little down & out…but look’n good. I think the pbs or sundance people made some movies about this guy. I will netflix them. oh, what makes this Fetterman so famous is that he looks super tough. I think.

ok, i should caption some of the photos, might make more sense.

this is the tallest statue made of steel. according to my new roadside app. i don’t know if i believe it. but still a very nice stop in niles, ohio. we had lunch at a delightful little lunch place in Youngstown, Ohio. I had tofu! those boys love the live cam. we haven’t been into it the last few days. good. yeah, i said it. good. i don’t need people listening to me when i forget their there. 

we stopped & talked to some nice firemen in Pittsburgh, PA

We met this guy in Braddock, Pennsylvania. He works for Grow Pittsburg! they plant urban gardens. Professor Eric! He will be in every blog post. i’m sure.

This is a strange place to live-by the amusement park. Everyone who lives by the amusement park has a dog. it’s what they do.

Indestructible Tour-Chicago!

hi! we’ve been to chicago. we had adventures in chicago! Our first stop was to talk & hang out with John Slavik, a scupture from right outside of  Chicago. I just googled him & I think he must be pretty famous. here is a link to some of his work.

here are some facts: 1.during the interview with John kept talking about the wild turkeys and coyotes that he sees & years on his land. hey, that’s pretty cool.  2 he let us park our RV in the neighbors driveway. it was very nice! 2. we use my verizon hotspot to get the internet. the internet was not working very well so we put it on top of the rv. ….does this really work? apparently.

I kept imaging the coyotes wold be using my new cellular iphone to call their other coyote friends across town. i think coyotes might have a lot to say to each other.

The next day we went to chicago to some exploring and do another interview with Paul who is in the band Mr. Bloto. His studio is at this great location for Professor Eric to do some Rayovack flashlight tests! During the Paul  interview I was in charge of the audio so I didn’t take too many photos. We took a tour of his tour bus. Mostly it smelled like boys but i bet those boys have a really great time!!

Eric is passionate about steel mills and steel. pass-ion-ate. for sure. I learned some facts about steal from him. I told him a steel mill to him is s  pink town to me. i hope there is one. ok, right, so we went to Gary, Indiana to use the steel mill as a back drop for the flashlights. we got kicked out of the parking lot. those steel mills have better security than the mall!