06.10.12 :: Molly & Russ

I loved meeting Molly and Russ and doing their engagement photos and now shooting their wedding!!! It felt like I was going to a friends wedding. I think I write this a lot. Mostly only ¬†awesome people have me shoot their weddings! They are perfect together! I love how molly is always telling me how handsome Russ is. This might be because i’m telling them they are look’n good and she mostly replies with a “oh, i know, isn’t Russ handsome.” so cute!

Molli & Russ had a morning-ish wedding at the tini tiny church at the James Madison Park. After the wedding we made a quick stop at the capitol and then to the reception at Jonny Delmonico’s. I took the sweet ass limo (as Molly would call it) with them to the reception. While walking back to the james madison park I stopped at the crema cafe and drank a iced coffee. I looked in the mirror and it was pretty rough. Good thing everyone at the wedding is looking at the cute bride!!! OH! man! did you see Molly’s dress! AMAZING!!