Sister Sara and her cute cute family

Sister Sara, Bro Andy, and those kids Leo & Sam!!!! Josh & I finally made it to Portland, OR to visit!!!!! We had lots of family fun times. There was a backyard bbq, some school drop offs & pick ups, a trip to the craft hang outs, & then a picnic in the park. Eating with kids is not pretty. That is what I learned. It’s a mess. And that Sam is really good at pouring out his drink. He would get his own table if he lived with me. They are so fun having the most fun. All. the. time. except when they aren’t. Then the world might be ending. But it never did.  oxoxo


The KUH family. yeah.

I shot the KUH family. and they are oh-so cute. I think I did their 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary photos and again for their 5 year. Can you believe these kids have been married 5 years??!! They are a true team. Each others best friends. The best.

They put on their wedding clothes for a canoe around the Yahara. I loved this whole shoot with my whole heart. I think they wanted me to leave like an hour before I did….I was having a great time. One of my favorites was when I shot them on the canoe looking down. I sat up on the railroad bridge. I think Greg said to Emily, “Kuh! you got your phone? oh geez. SV be careful!” I’m always careful and never fall. Emily–would Greg say “geez”? That’s what I heard. Some of my favorite photos were when Emily put on her sweatpants at the end and they were just sitting around with that Penny kitten adventuring around the yard.  oxoxo I love the kuhs._0001.jpg
I love the kuhs._0002.jpg
I love the kuhs._0003.jpg
I love the kuhs._0004.jpg
I love the kuhs._0005.jpg
I love the kuhs._0006.jpg
I love the kuhs._0007.jpg
I love the kuhs._0008.jpg
I love the kuhs._0009.jpg
I love the kuhs._0010.jpg
I love the kuhs._0011.jpg
I love the kuhs._0012.jpg
I love the kuhs._0013.jpg
I love the kuhs._0014.jpg
I love the kuhs._0015.jpg
I love the kuhs._0016.jpg
I love the kuhs._0017.jpg
I love the kuhs._0018.jpg
I love the kuhs._0019.jpg
I love the kuhs._0020.jpg
I love the kuhs._0021.jpg
I love the kuhs._0022.jpg
I love the kuhs._0023.jpg
I love the kuhs._0024.jpg
I love the kuhs._0025.jpg

I love the kuhs._0027.jpg
I love the kuhs._0028.jpg
I love the kuhs._0029.jpg
I love the kuhs._0031.jpg
I love the kuhs._0032.jpg
I love the kuhs._0033.jpg
I love the kuhs._0034.jpg
I love the kuhs._0035.jpg
I love the kuhs._0036.jpg
I love the kuhs._0037.jpg
I love the kuhs._0038.jpg
I love the kuhs._0039.jpg

Kimberly and Brad. I like you guys.

I SHOT A WEDDING IN CALIFORNIA IN FEBRUARY. It’s a Wisconsin gals dream come true. The other good news is that Kimberly & Brad are really awesome and really good at getting married. I loved meeting their family & friends-by the end of the wedding I felt like I was a guest. Sorta sounds like I was slacking….thinking i’m a guest & all. 🙂

The wedding was in the beautiful Carmel Valley on a vineyard. VISTAS! BEAUTIFUL VISTAS! I feel like I said this 100 times during the wedding. I think I only said it in my brain. Brad was so so cute about learning his vows. He carried the vows book around all morning. And he nailed those vows. So did Kimberly. Excellent job guys.

My friend Q was nice enough to come down from Oakland to second shoot and got some great shots!!  Brad & Kimberly! Thanks for having me shoot your wedding–so fuuuuuun! Soooooo California. oxox

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0001.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0002.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0003.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0004.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0005.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0006.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0007.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0008.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0009.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0010.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0011.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0012.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0013.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0015.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0016.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0017.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0018.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0019.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0021.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0022.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0023.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0024.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0025.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0026.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0027.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0028.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0029.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0030.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0032.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0033.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0034.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0035.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0036.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0037.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0038.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0039.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0040.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0041.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0042.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0043.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0044.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0045.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0046.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0047.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0048.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0049.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0050.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0051.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0052.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0053.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0054.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0055.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0057.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0058.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0059.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0060.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0061.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0062.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0062.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0063.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0064.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0065.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0066.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0067.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0068.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0069.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0070.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0071.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0072.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0073.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0074.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0075.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0076.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0077.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0078.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0079.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0080.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0081.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0082.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0083.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0084.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0085.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0085.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0086.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0087.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0088.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0089.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0090.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0092.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0093.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0094.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0095.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0096.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0097.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0098.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0099.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0100.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0101.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0101.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0102.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0103.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0104.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0105.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0106.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0107.jpg

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0109.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0110.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0111.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0112.jpg

February PHoto a dAy!

i do some pretty fun things.

i play bingo on wed nights & finally won this month! $175!!! so i’ve maybe played 20 times before this & didn’t win….so there’s that.  i eat the most delicious bbq sandwich at bingo! This alone feels like i’m winning. The eastside club should pay me for my walking testimonial of their bbq sandwich. dear eastside club, you owe me 3 sandwiches for all my nice words. one week they ran out and i might’ve been a little mean to them about this. oopsy daisy.

people had babies & then some other people got engaged. I went to the hospital twice in february! weird. i think i’ve been in a hospital to see people three times in my whole life. i was not at the hospital for me ps!   i went to chicago with jennyface. had some dates, drank some beers, & climbed some rocks. feb was awesome. bring it March. oxox sv
























molly & russ!

molly & russ are getting married this summer! and soon! it’s gonna be a good wedding, I’m super excited to hang out with them all day! During the engagement shoot Molly would kinda look over at me and say things like, “this is kinda a big deal! we’re getting married!” how cute is she??? very. I met molly & russ at the wedding show. They were very excited about….maybe everything. Molly told me stories about how her & russ met and then there were some dirty stories about a crock pot which i really loved.  They are very nice to each other also. Which is something i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I like it when couples are nice to each other. and mostly they are. This is good. I liked talking to these guys. Good stories. oh and they have the cutest mini cooper! molly! i think we should do some sexy time mini cooper photos! like you in a bikini on the car?? huh? think about it. let me know. do you want me to delete this last part? ox

























Dutch’s Auto Service

I shot these gals for the Isthmus! It was fun hanging out with them, it felt like i could’ve been there all day and no questions asked. They would’ve assumed I was just hanging out and that’s what happens there. They should be careful, pretty soon a bunch of hobos will being taking naps in their waiting room….and they might not even be too concerned about it. They are located on the Eastside of Madison. I will bring my car there the next time it breaks. I’m sure they can fix it!


















I sometimes take photos for the Isthmus.

I thought I would just put all these photos together. I think it’s ok. I love shooting for the isthmus. I get fun-adventurous assignments. I’m into fun & adventure.


This is a quartet. They’ve been around for 100 years. That is a lot of years. That is why there are balloons in the photo. It’s a party. Duh.





eat cheese. it is delicious. do it.





it’s the late night hot dog stands! I did these photos around midnight. That’s fun. Mostly people are really nice to me at midnight. I like that.





The drive in! I saw the Super 8 movie while I was there. Try to get here! BEST. SNACK.BAR.EVER! it’s called highway 18. it’s in Jefferson.




i got to take photos at the casino! this never happens! I’ve never been happier. clearly. oxox

Heather & Tyler are gonna get hitched!

Heather & Tyler are fun! fun fun fun! oh and smiley. i love that! This was the first time we met, they hired me over the phone! It was great to put real faces to voices and emails. I’m so excited to shoot their wedding but mostly cause I know i’ll get to hang out with them. We went to the Willy St. park (at least that’s what I call it.) and then Olin Park.

They do fun things in photos like play paper-rock-scissors and do summersaults down a hill. and they don’t think that’s weird. i love it.