Atwood Barber Shop. It’s the best.

I did these photos at the Atwood Barber Shop for the Madison Magazine. I loved it. I loved all the minutes I was there. You should get your hairs cut there. I walk by the barber shop some and most days. It’s on the way to my coffee shop office where I do the clicks. I always would think someone should have me take photos there. I told the Madison Magazine my plan and they said. Yes. ok. Do it. I was stoked.

There are 4 barbers there. Terry, AJ, Eddie, and Jason. They are all a delight. I think Jason was the least impressed with me being there. and hey. That’s ok too. Terry is very popular. Bus drivers stop to say hi. Delivery drivers stop in. He waves to about 1 out of every 10th person that walks by. And he waves to me now. I like it.

When I was there one day Tory Miller (he’s got those Madison famous restaurants like Graze and Sujo) stopped in to get his hairs cut but left cause it was too busy. I told Josh about this and he told me his barber shop better not fill up with a bunch of damn hipsters now. 🙂

I love the barber shop. Everybody was really nice about letting me take their photo. And they didn’t over photo perform. That’s always the best. There was only one guy who grunted at me when I asked if I could take his photo. I think that meant no. So I didn’t take his photo. No problem.

Andi at the Madison Magazine wrote the words for this piece. She’s amazing. I want her to be at all my shoots.





Best of 2016

I have the time. I should look at all the photos I took in 2016. This is like a good thing to do that will make me grow as a photographer. Right? I hope so. Ask me in July if I feel grown. I can tell you right now I’m sick of looking at all the photos I took in 2016. But wait there were some good times! I loved all the photo adventures I got to have!!!! I got to shoot bikes! bikes and people. Tons of them! loved it. I always love going to the sewer district and getting to see in people’s houses. I got to see people be awkward during headshots.  I would try so hard with my whole heart to not say something weird. Mostly I did a really good job. I talked about restaurants and tv shows and tried to find out all their secrets. I love all my Madison Magazine shoots! you know like at least 75%. People in love are always nice. There are no bridezillas in Madison, WI. It’s been years since I’ve had one. I also think all brides probably want to be nice to me cause I’m taking their photo so there’s that. Talking to the bridesmaids might be a whole other story. (insert funny emoiji here.)

I took photos in schools, at the humane society, in restaurants, up by the Capitol, in rooms with beautiful windows, and in rooms with no windows. I took photos of cats, mice, bikers, businessy people, trans people, comedians, pizza makers, mentors, friends, orange and white, teachers, grandparents, and people drinking.

yeah 2016. yeah.

oxox  sv

2016_can't stop won't stop_0000.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0001.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0002.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0005.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0003.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0006.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0007.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0008.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0009.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0010.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0011.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0012.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0013.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0014.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0015.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0016.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0017.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0018.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0019.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0020.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0021.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0022.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0023.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0024.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0025.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0026.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0027.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0028.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0029.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0030.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0031.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0032.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0033.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0034.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0035.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0036.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0037.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0038.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0039.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0040.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0041.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0042.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0043.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0044.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0045.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0046.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0047.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0048.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0049.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0050.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0051.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0052.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0053.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0054.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0055.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0056.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0057.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0058.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0059.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0060.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0061.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0062.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0063.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0064.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0065.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0066.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0067.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0068.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0069.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0070.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0071.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0072.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0073.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0074.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0075.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0076.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0077.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0078.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0079.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0080.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0081.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0082.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0083.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0084.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0085.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0086.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0087.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0088.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0089.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0090.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0091.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0092.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0093.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0094.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0095.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0096.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0097.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0098.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0099.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0100.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0101.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0102.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0103.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0104.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0105.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0106.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0107.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0108.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0109.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0110.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0111.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0112.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0113.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0114.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0115.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0116.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0117.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0118.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0119.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0120.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0121.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0122.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0123.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0124.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0125.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0126.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0127.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0128.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0129.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0130.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0131.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0132.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0133.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0134.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0135.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0136.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0137.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0138.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0139.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0140.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0141.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0142.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0143.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0144.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0145.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0146.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0147.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0148.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0149.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0150.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0151.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0153.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0154.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0155.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0156.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0157.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0158.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0159.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0160.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0161.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0162.jpg
2016_can't stop won't stop_0163.jpg

Erica and Chris

Erica & Chris!!!!! hey guys I blogged about you!!!! When I  talked with Erica about engagement photos all I remember her saying (passionately. did you say this passionately?) was how she wanted snow falling from the sky. Right. No problem. and then you know when winter is starting to end and you stand on the ice and it cracks and scares the shit outta you. Well–it was about this time during winter when I decided we’d just do a quick 10 minute shoot on the ice and they would do their other/real engagement shoot later.  Then I got an assignment for Madison Magazine to do photos of people on bikes. Chris is a bike mechanic and Erica is a biking champion. Like she wins. Or she has won. It’s all so cool and bike photographers take photos of her with her face in focus and the rest of the photo in a blur. Super impressed. With the photos and her biking!!! Then we did one more shoot at Cherokee Marsh.  It’s been so fun. They are soooo in love. And soooo cute together. And a delight to hang out with. If you get a chance to hang out with them you should. You guys–that last photo of you two is one of my favorites. It’s so weird. and wonderful. Right???? or maybe not. There is only one thing wrong with Erica. She says thank you too much. 2 times. you can say thank you two times. oxoxo


oh heeeeyyyyy!!!! It’s Jenny & Jason! I only take engagement photos of Jenny & Jason on Feb 29th! I went to CA to visit Jennyface!!! The weather, man, the weather. It’s nice every minute of the day. I would throw my arms in the air and yell, “CALIFORNIA” most days.  A few times a day. We went on lots of hikes. It really amped up the hiking club 2016. And then we did engagement photos at the beach & Balboa Park in San Deigo. This park was full of cactuses and succulents. So dreamy. I made lots of jokes that in the backgrounds of all the photos it will look like out of focus penises. Hey–that’s fun. Ok. I just looked. Only 2 of the photos have this. Should I delete this. Probably. oxoxo Happy Feb 29th!!!!!!!
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer
Madison WI photographer

The District. It’s really the sewer.

I have a favorite client. It’s true. I love shooting at the sewer. They call it The District so I call it The District too. You can take a tour–did you know? Anyone can take a tour. And it’s so pretty. They have the coolest architecture and all the buildings have beautiful windows with beautiful window light. I’ve been there so many times that I recognize the workers. I like that. And man are they nice. I almost wonder if they send out a company email that says, “The photographer is coming today. Be nice. Do whatever she wants with a smile on your face and then ask if there is anything else you can help her with.” cause that’s pretty much how it goes. Michael, the Chief Engineer & Director, is the greatest to work for. He’s on my side. And let me tell you–if you’re on my side. I’m on your side.
The District_0001.jpg
The District_0002.jpg
The District_0003.jpg
The District_0004.jpg
The District_0005.jpg
The District_0006.jpg
The District_0007.jpg
The District_0008.jpg
The District_0009.jpg
The District_0010.jpg
The District_0011.jpg
The District_0012.jpg
The District_0013.jpg
The District_0014.jpg
The District_0015.jpg
The District_0016.jpg
The District_0017.jpg
The District_0018.jpg
The District_0019.jpg
The District_0020.jpg
The District_0021.jpg
The District_0022.jpg
The District_0023.jpg
The District_0024.jpg
The District_0025.jpg
The District_0026.jpg
The District_0027.jpg
The District_0028.jpg
The District_0029.jpg
The District_0030.jpg
The District_0031.jpg
The District_0032.jpg
The District_0033.jpg
The District_0034.jpg
The District_0035.jpg
The District_0036.jpg
The District_0037.5.jpg
The District_0037.jpg
The District_0038.jpg
The District_0039.jpg
The District_0040.jpg
The District_0041.jpg
The District_0042.jpg
The District_0043.jpg
The District_0044.jpg
The District_0045.jpg
The District_0046.jpg
The District_0047.jpg
The District_0048.jpg
The District_0049.jpg
The District_0051.jpg
The District_0052.jpg
The District_0053.5.jpg
The District_0055.5jpg.jpg
The District_0055.jpg
The District_0057.jpg
The District_0058.jpg
The District_0059.jpg
The District_0060.jpg
The District_0061.jpg
The District_0062.jpg
The District_0063.jpg
The District_0064.jpg
The District_0065.jpg
The District_0069.jpg
The District_0070.jpg

The KUH family. yeah.

I shot the KUH family. and they are oh-so cute. I think I did their 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary photos and again for their 5 year. Can you believe these kids have been married 5 years??!! They are a true team. Each others best friends. The best.

They put on their wedding clothes for a canoe around the Yahara. I loved this whole shoot with my whole heart. I think they wanted me to leave like an hour before I did….I was having a great time. One of my favorites was when I shot them on the canoe looking down. I sat up on the railroad bridge. I think Greg said to Emily, “Kuh! you got your phone? oh geez. SV be careful!” I’m always careful and never fall. Emily–would Greg say “geez”? That’s what I heard. Some of my favorite photos were when Emily put on her sweatpants at the end and they were just sitting around with that Penny kitten adventuring around the yard.  oxoxo I love the kuhs._0001.jpg
I love the kuhs._0002.jpg
I love the kuhs._0003.jpg
I love the kuhs._0004.jpg
I love the kuhs._0005.jpg
I love the kuhs._0006.jpg
I love the kuhs._0007.jpg
I love the kuhs._0008.jpg
I love the kuhs._0009.jpg
I love the kuhs._0010.jpg
I love the kuhs._0011.jpg
I love the kuhs._0012.jpg
I love the kuhs._0013.jpg
I love the kuhs._0014.jpg
I love the kuhs._0015.jpg
I love the kuhs._0016.jpg
I love the kuhs._0017.jpg
I love the kuhs._0018.jpg
I love the kuhs._0019.jpg
I love the kuhs._0020.jpg
I love the kuhs._0021.jpg
I love the kuhs._0022.jpg
I love the kuhs._0023.jpg
I love the kuhs._0024.jpg
I love the kuhs._0025.jpg

I love the kuhs._0027.jpg
I love the kuhs._0028.jpg
I love the kuhs._0029.jpg
I love the kuhs._0031.jpg
I love the kuhs._0032.jpg
I love the kuhs._0033.jpg
I love the kuhs._0034.jpg
I love the kuhs._0035.jpg
I love the kuhs._0036.jpg
I love the kuhs._0037.jpg
I love the kuhs._0038.jpg
I love the kuhs._0039.jpg

MMOCA::Hair Affair

I shot the Hair Affair at the MMoCA this year! It’s a fundraiser program they put on every 2 years. The hair that the hair stylists do is crazy town awesome–it’s got to take them hours and weeks to get ready. It’s full on. I think there are rules that all the hair used has to be real hair. Am I making this up? During the runway show these newscaster gals had lots of stories and facts about the hairs but when I’m taking photos I hear maybe half of it. I’m in the zone. The hair photo taking zone. 🙂 Yep. That’s right.
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0001.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0002.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0003.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0004.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0005.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0006.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0007.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0008.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0009.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0010.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0011.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0012.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0013.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0014.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0015.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0016.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0017.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0018.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0019.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0020.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0021.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0022.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0023.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0025.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0026.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0027.jpg
MMoCA Hair Affair Madison, WI commercial photographer_0028.jpg

I have just been loving shooting family photos this year. ::FAMILIES 2014::

Pretty much after every family photo I think to myself, “Man, I can’t wait to blog about this.”  Did I blog about any family shoots this year? Mmmaaaybe one. Blogging is just about the last thing that I do sometimes. It’s not the blogging—it’s the more computer time.  I spend so much time in front of this damn computer getting work done it’s hard to sit here and do “extra” computer work. So so so I thought I could do one blog post of my favorite family photos! I have just been loving doing the family photos this year—doing a little bit of a different approach. (I’m sounding all professional now) I try to get the everyone smiling at the camera cause people like that & then I’ve been doing some hanging out. Man. I am good at hanging out.

I am loving the kids and their eye rolls. And I love the kids who ham it up and I love the kids who hide. Sometimes parents tell me good stories but mostly they seem pretty busy. More family bike photos! That’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to hang a family bike photo on their wall? I love it when the kids crawl all over the parents. I do not love the crying but I guess it just happens. I love the breastfeeding breaks. Hey! I need a break too—this coffee sure isn’t going to drink itself.

You should have me shoot your family photos. I’ll be good at it if you are nice & that’s good because most people really are nice (at least the families I get to shoot)!!! oxoxo

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0001.jpg

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0003.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0004.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0005.jpgFAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0113
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0006.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0007.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0008.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0009.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0010.jpg

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0011.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0012.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0013.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0014.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0015.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0016.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0017.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0018.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0019.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0020.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0021.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0022.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0023.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0024.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0024.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0025.5.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0026.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0027.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0028.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0029.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0030.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0031.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0032.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0033.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0034.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0035.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0036.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0037.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0038.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0039.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0040.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0041.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0042.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0043.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0044.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0045.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0046.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0047.jpg

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0049.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0050.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0051.jpg

FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0053.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0054.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0055.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0056.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0057.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0058.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0059.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0060.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0061.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0062.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0063.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0064.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0065.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0066.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0067.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0068.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0069.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0070.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0071.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0072.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0073.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0074.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0075.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0076.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0077.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0078.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0079.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0080.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0081.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0082.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0083.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0084.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0085.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0086.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0087.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0088.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0089.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0090.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0091.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0092.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0093.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0095.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0096.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0097.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0098.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0099.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0100.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0101.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0102.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0103.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0104.jpg
FAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0105.jpg
FAMILY-PHOTOS-2014_0107.jpgFAMILY PHOTOS 2014_0109


It’s a fashion shoot!

I did a shoot for Shopbop! They used the photos in some emails. My photos were maybe in your gmail “promotions” folder! It was fun–I love adventure photo shoots. We had a whole team there for the shoot. There were 2 stylists, a make up gal, a photo assistant, and the beautiful model Veranika. Go team!!!



Madison Magazine :: Merchant

AI love love love shooting for Madison Magazine! This month was about the Chef of the year, Anna Dickson! I heard someone say something like “Chef! we need blah blah blah….” That’s so fun–it’s like a tv show! She was really great to shoot–one of the coolest & calmest gals I’ve ever photographed. It felt good just being around her. I also did some photos around the restaurant, Eric the line cook, &  the of the Merchant owners. The drinks are very fun & fancy at the Merchant. Drink them! The food is so beautiful and delicious. Eat it!

I think the bartender guy thought I might drink all the drinks he made for this shoot.  I woulda got super trashed. Plus I’m just better at drinking beer. I did bring the barley dish home and it was sooooo good. I could eat that dish everyday–it’s the one that’s in the bowl. I’m mostly writing that for my sister Theresa. She’s one of those foody people and if she reads this blog (there’s a 25% is will) the one thing she would say is “Which is the dish you really loved?? I couldn’t tell.” hi Theresa if you are reading this!


_0033_0036_0038 _0037_0035