Abs & Stu! A wedding where the chickens were invited. oxox

Abbie and Stu! These two are a great team along with little Treeana. It was pretty funny talking to Abbie about her wedding and seeing the final day go down. She would tell me things like, “no plans! easy going.” and you know what…..they were super easy going but they put a lot of thought into the wedding and went it so smoothly! Or they are the luckiest people in the world and everything fell into place. The wedding was at their Door County Farm and that is no small feat! (think of all those chairs!!) The reception location was soooo beautiful! It had a nice open outdoor space for mingling and a tent for dancing and eating. A dream wedding really!!!! Abbie–I was so impressed with everything. Usually people that laid back don’t have a wedding that put together. Good work!!!!!

Abbie wore her moms dress. And it was amazing. Just a really beautiful wedding dress. Stu looked lovely. He is handsome. It’s true.

The food table with all the pickled foods—I took about 100 photos of this. I put 3 in this blog. That was the coolest smartest food I’ve ever seen at a wedding. and so delicious. I ate some of it.

Your wedding was pretty damn good.

abbie STu looooove_0001.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0002.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0003.5.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0003.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0004.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0005.5.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0005.6.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0005.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0010.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0011.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0012.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0013.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0014.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0015.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0016.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0017.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0018.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0019.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0020.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0021.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0022.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0023.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0024.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0025.jpg

abbie STu looooove_0027.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0028.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0029.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0030.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0031.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0032.jpg

abbie STu looooove_0034.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0035.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0036.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0037.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0038.5.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0038.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0040.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0041.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0042.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0043.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0044.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0045.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0046.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0047.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0048.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0049.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0051.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0052.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0053.jpg

abbie STu looooove_0054.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0055.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0056.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0057.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0058.jpg

abbie STu looooove_0060.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0061.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0062.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0063.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0064.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0065.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0066.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0067.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0068.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0069.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0070.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0071.jpg
abbie STu looooove_0072.jpg

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