The District. It’s really the sewer.

I have a favorite client. It’s true. I love shooting at the sewer. They call it The District so I call it The District too. You can take a tour–did you know? Anyone can take a tour. And it’s so pretty. They have the coolest architecture and all the buildings have beautiful windows with beautiful window light. I’ve been there so many times that I recognize the workers. I like that. And man are they nice. I almost wonder if they send out a company email that says, “The photographer is coming today. Be nice. Do whatever she wants with a smile on your face and then ask if there is anything else you can help her with.” cause that’s pretty much how it goes. Michael, the Chief Engineer & Director, is the greatest to work for. He’s on my side. And let me tell you–if you’re on my side. I’m on your side.
The District_0001.jpg
The District_0002.jpg
The District_0003.jpg
The District_0004.jpg
The District_0005.jpg
The District_0006.jpg
The District_0007.jpg
The District_0008.jpg
The District_0009.jpg
The District_0010.jpg
The District_0011.jpg
The District_0012.jpg
The District_0013.jpg
The District_0014.jpg
The District_0015.jpg
The District_0016.jpg
The District_0017.jpg
The District_0018.jpg
The District_0019.jpg
The District_0020.jpg
The District_0021.jpg
The District_0022.jpg
The District_0023.jpg
The District_0024.jpg
The District_0025.jpg
The District_0026.jpg
The District_0027.jpg
The District_0028.jpg
The District_0029.jpg
The District_0030.jpg
The District_0031.jpg
The District_0032.jpg
The District_0033.jpg
The District_0034.jpg
The District_0035.jpg
The District_0036.jpg
The District_0037.5.jpg
The District_0037.jpg
The District_0038.jpg
The District_0039.jpg
The District_0040.jpg
The District_0041.jpg
The District_0042.jpg
The District_0043.jpg
The District_0044.jpg
The District_0045.jpg
The District_0046.jpg
The District_0047.jpg
The District_0048.jpg
The District_0049.jpg
The District_0051.jpg
The District_0052.jpg
The District_0053.5.jpg
The District_0055.5jpg.jpg
The District_0055.jpg
The District_0057.jpg
The District_0058.jpg
The District_0059.jpg
The District_0060.jpg
The District_0061.jpg
The District_0062.jpg
The District_0063.jpg
The District_0064.jpg
The District_0065.jpg
The District_0069.jpg
The District_0070.jpg

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