James & Shawnee :: 06.16.2012

James and Shawnee got married!!!! This was a great wedding-probably one of the best. ever. in the history of getting married. They got a standing ovation after the kiss. I don’t think that’s normal, their friends are pretty awesome. or wait–they are pretty awesome. Maybe a combination of both. Probably this.

The wedding & reception was at the lovely badger barns. It’s a great location for a ceremony-reception-dance- & photos!!!! I feel like I have so much to say about James and Shawnee and here I am now and I can’t think of what to write. Most of the time when I shoot a wedding people ask me “oh, how do you know the couple?” usually my answer is that they hired me and I know them now and think they are great! I think this of most of my couples!! But with Shawnee & James it felt like I really did know them before.  I see them around town all the time-they are good people to be seeing around!!!  Do you ever see someone and pretend to be talking on your phone? i don’t do that when I see the J&S team.

Oh man, Shawnee’s mom cracked me up. She was funny! kinda reminded me of my mom maybe. HULLA HOOPS! how fun are hulla hoops!! I also learned at this wedding if you bring a few blow up balls kids will go crazy. I loved their ceremony. People said nice things to them–it’s my favorite. I know my thoughts are kinda random. The talented Nicole Cooke second shot this wedding with me. I’m pretty sure we kicked some ass. ox

James & Shawnee’s friends and family were 20% happier than the average person! I sometimes make up statistics. You should too. This is was just a nice place to be on the 16th. I’m so happy I got the chance to shoot their wedding.













































































































9 thoughts on “James & Shawnee :: 06.16.2012

  1. Sharon, these are amazing! We appreciate your skills & talent & awesomeness so much. When I looked through these pictures I kept alternately getting teary and giggling… and I was sitting in the waiting room of the Jiffy Lube at the time. I’m sure everyone there thought I was nuts, but I was just full of joy & love. Love wins! You know it!


  2. HI!
    Loved the photos! Did she have a “button bouquet” that she carried? It really caught my eye. Also, what did the men have…a small thread spool and ribbon? Am not sure and would love to know!


  3. What amazing pictures! Very artfully done and WOW do they ever capture the emotion of the moment. Tremendous!


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