06.10.12 :: Molly & Russ

I loved meeting Molly and Russ and doing their engagement photos and now shooting their wedding!!! It felt like I was going to a friends wedding. I think I write this a lot. Mostly only  awesome people have me shoot their weddings! They are perfect together! I love how molly is always telling me how handsome Russ is. This might be because i’m telling them they are look’n good and she mostly replies with a “oh, i know, isn’t Russ handsome.” so cute!

Molli & Russ had a morning-ish wedding at the tini tiny church at the James Madison Park. After the wedding we made a quick stop at the capitol and then to the reception at Jonny Delmonico’s. I took the sweet ass limo (as Molly would call it) with them to the reception. While walking back to the james madison park I stopped at the crema cafe and drank a iced coffee. I looked in the mirror and it was pretty rough. Good thing everyone at the wedding is looking at the cute bride!!! OH! man! did you see Molly’s dress! AMAZING!!

























































One thought on “06.10.12 :: Molly & Russ

  1. Sharon, thank you for being a key part of why our wedding day was so awesome. Russ and I loving each other sooo much is pretty important too and stuff, but ya know, you’re just an amazing photographer, and I look forward to enjoying these photographs for the rest of our lives together!!!! We love you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


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