molly & russ!

molly & russ are getting married this summer! and soon! it’s gonna be a good wedding, I’m super excited to hang out with them all day! During the engagement shoot Molly would kinda look over at me and say things like, “this is kinda a big deal! we’re getting married!” how cute is she??? very. I met molly & russ at the wedding show. They were very excited about….maybe everything. Molly told me stories about how her & russ met and then there were some dirty stories about a crock pot which i really loved.  They are very nice to each other also. Which is something i’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I like it when couples are nice to each other. and mostly they are. This is good. I liked talking to these guys. Good stories. oh and they have the cutest mini cooper! molly! i think we should do some sexy time mini cooper photos! like you in a bikini on the car?? huh? think about it. let me know. do you want me to delete this last part? ox

























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