Portland & babies.

I went to Portland after the Seattle trip. I took a train and read “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. It was a great book!  You should probably read this book.

MY SISTER HAD A BABY!  it’s very exciting! she’s the first in our family so i guess she wins, right! first place sara! Mostly I went to Portland to meet this Leo baby. He was born on April 4. he came about one month early and it’s a really great story. Sara & Andy were in Seattle at her friends roller derby bout and her water broke! they didn’t want to have the baby anywhere but portland so they drove all the way home but didn’t call anyone cause they didn’t want anyone to tell them to go to the nearest hospital. This story might be better when sara tells it. Everything worked out, he was yellow or something. and maybe now he’s not.

he’s small, very small. but not like so small he has to be in the hospital. just small cause he is a baby. i was scared to pick him up right away.

I took photos of him being a baby. The one where he is on the side table…andy was right there. and i think he even caught him. like it’s that far to really fall! Sara was pretty relaxed about being a new mom i think. we went grocery shopping and out to breakfast. where i had a bloody mary, my new favorite hobby!  She got her hair cut and I would walk around the halls of the building putting leo in cute locations for photos.

i heart portland!



5 thoughts on “Portland & babies.

  1. I love these photos! James and I took the train from Portland to Olympia in November … hopefully will do it again sometime soon. Where did you have your bloody mary?


  2. He is so teeny! He is miniature. Like a miniature baby. You and your sister look alike! And that picture with the baby wearing the glasses is creepola. Did you have to post that one?


  3. this are fantastic vanorny! i love the one with andy’s arm over leo, and the family portrait. nice work.


  4. I think the picture of mom, dad, baby, dog, and cat should be their chrismas picture next year. Super pictures—you have a unique approach to presenting the subject matter.–Dad


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